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September 18, 2008


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Today’s news has presented us with two additional reasons to breastfeed:

1.  Melamine – chemical component found in Sanlu brand formula of children in China.   Melamine is used for several things including floor tiles, fire retardant fabrics and fertilizer.  Authorities blame melamine for the kidney stones and kidney failure of the afflicted children including 4 who have died in China.  How melamine tainted formula is unclear – the matter is still under investigation. 

Cans of Formula

Cans of Formula


2.  BPA – Back in the news from a new study published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association.  As a component of baby bottles and plastics labeled as #7, BPA gave parents a reason to pause with previous studies linking it to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. #7 plastics may not necessarily contain BPA – confusing, huh?, as the 7 designation is a catch-all for different plastic compounds.  BPA is also a component in the lining of some cans including the cans of formula from the two major manufacturers:  Mead Johnson and Abbott Nutrition (formerly Ross). Per the Environmental Working Group, BPA can be found in “minute amounts” in the bottoms and lids of the cans of liquid formula. A more recent formula marketing strategy uses plastic bottles (large bottles are labeled 2) and containers, but cans can still be found on grocery store shelves.  Small 2 oz bottles commonly given to newborns in the hospital are #7 but do not contain BPA according to Consumer Relations at both companies.

2 ounce bottles used for newborns

2 ounce bottles used for newborns


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