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February 20, 2009

Thank you ping pong

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I did something nice for a fellow doctor. He’s a family practice physician who has given up all of his hospital priviledges. Dr. M chooses to focus on his outpatient practice until an admission comes along. Our hospitalist service usually covers his adult admissions, but when he has a rare pediatric admission, he turns to me.  My partners are not keen on the extra work, but I believe in pay it forward.

Did I say I didn’t grumble?  I did.  About all the questions the family had for me.  About the child’s slower than normal recovery. About the armchair quarterbacking from the Dr. M.  Yes.  I did moan. Some.

So the awesome thank-you basket from my favorite bakery kind of brought tears of humility to my eyes.  He didn’t have to do that, but it was darn nice that he did.

I wasn’t sure what to do next.  Do I thank him for the appreciation?  My Southern upbringing has gotten a little carried away with the rules and regulations of acknowledging generosity.  When my first son came along, I was still writing the customary thank yous for china and candlesticks from my wedding.  Six months had elapsed between the two events (do the math – I got pregnant after the engagement and before the wedding).  My hormone addled brain finally got them all finished when Eldest’s first birthday rolled around. 

Now with a public persona – albeit small town public persona – the rules of society drop off and leave me hanging.  I’m never sure if I need to recognize every flower, fruit basket and meal that I receive.  If these gifts are given in appreciation, do I need to thank the thanker? In an ideal world, I would love to jot a short note on my personal stationary to all  who support me.


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