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August 18, 2009

Back to the drawing board…

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As notebooks, pens, and binders accumulate on the kitchen counter, I know that summer is ending.  The tremendous output of blog writing that I hope to accomplish is going out to sea like many of my other fantasies – only to return in some other form like sand.  Reading other writer (& photographer’s)  blogs has been a priority this summer – I tend to follow those of commentors and some from the Mothers in Medicine commentors, too.  The serendipitous journey reading these other blogs takes me is often thematic and never dull.  The posts. The pictures. The links. And the links to other links.  Despite my efforts to duplicate these trips (I’m not dropping acid here, just caffeine), each one is unique.  That’s how I found and .  I’m inspired and motivated to write better, more entertaining posts.

Most of the blogs I follow are related to motherhood, medicine, and the occasional pop culture or creative spirit.  Healthcare has had a rough summer – in the blogworld and beyond.  I have a difficult time following the ups and downs of reform knowing the various proposals are all still a work in progress.  The changes feel very personal, and they are.  Healthcare is my bread and butter (no truffles or foie gras in pediatrics), and I am territorial about my livelihood.  The fervor about reform as seen in the recent town hall meetings surprises me, though, but I welcome the American passion for something I am as passionate about.  I’m disheartened by the lack of tort reform and unifying voice of my profession.

Most days I just stick my head in the sand and muster on.  It’s an easy survival mechanism when I have 2 newborns in the hospital nursery, 2-3 weight checks of new borns who have gone home in the office, 5-10 check-ups of various aged patients, and a handful of ailments.  Yesterday I had a patient with rapid onset abdominal pain that I thought had appendicitis (thankfully she did not).  That’s the thing about us physicians:  we have many opinions, and little time to express them – our thoughts often come across as a rant:  I see this weekly in the 300+ emails/ week I get from a pediatric listserv I belong to, as well as, the posts and comments from physicians in other specialties on the web.  Through all of this, a recent post in those  300+ email/ week struck a cord with me.  It was titled “Why I love my job…”.  The post is still getting comments from my fellow pediatricians.  I plan to use it as a springboard for a project on my blog.

Beginning September 1, I’m going to post a month’s worth of daily reasons why I still love my profession.  Some may be short.  Others may be corny.  I apologize in advance for that.   Good things happen in medicine every day.  Some are monumental like saving someone’s life, and others are more mundane like changing a poopy diaper – but still important because that act involves caring for another human being.  I’d like to share some of the good things that come my way on the job as a pediatrician each day for a month.  Medicine needs a positive spin.


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