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September 7, 2009

Loving Pediatric Medicine – the anti-rant

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Reason Number 7:  The Internet.  The World Wide Web has revolutionized how I practice medicine daily.  The days when our ISP is down are dark days indeed  –  I get a little panicky without my instant knowledge at my fingertips fix.  Our prescriptions are now written via internet.  We order lab studies over another site.  Bit by bit, I am piecemealing together an electronic health record of sorts.  Just need an IT genius to pull it all together. 

Prior to the electronic revolution – would I sit down to write with amazing Mothers in Medicine like I do today?  Would I have access to the opionions of 900 other wise and eloquent pediatricans?  Would I be able to print up the medication forms for 7-8 different local school systems? Could I streamline my life by ordering  patient nutrition pamphlets, filters, shoes, school supplies, music instead of driving all over town on my day off? 

Not that naive that I don’t fear the renegades and pirates of medicine, I do.  Some days those renegade writers make the practice of medicine really difficult, but they also hold me accountable. I strive to keep up with the vast amount of information in my specialty – it’s my duty, and yearly CME courses in exotic locales don’t cut the mustard anymore.  Daily new evidence challenges me to keep my neurons fired up and connecting, and I count on my world wide web to keep me connected.


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