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September 20, 2009

Loving Pediatric Medicine – the anti-rant

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Reason Number 20:  Concierge Medicine @ home

On more than one occasion, I have treated my own children.  The lines get a little blurry between when I doctor my children as a mom and when I work on them as a physician.  The afternoon that my then five year old discovered yellow jackets chase you  and stung him 13 times was a mom-treated incident.  Intuitively, I dunked my frightened son in a big tub of lukewarm water and baking soda while I whacked the straggling yellow jackets. 

On another occasion, I had my MD hat on firmly as I watched my youngest struggle with RSV (respiratory syncytial virus).  With his wheezing growing more and more audible from the rotten virus, Harry got more and more still as he worked harder to breathe.  I suspected this fourth night into his illness that we were in for a rough night,  and I borrowed the pulse oximeter from the office to watch his oxygen levels.  He hovered in the low 90% range for most of the night while his chest retracted around his ribcage.  I pulled out my mom care, too, with lots of humidity and pushing him to drink enough electrolyte solution so that he wouldn’t get dehydrated.  The next two nights were equally tough as I watched his oxygen level bounce close to the point where I thought we needed to go to the hospital for oxygen and further treatment. I kept my partners up to date on his progress since we knew he was on the bubble for admission.  Tired and second guessing myself , I noticed a pretty good improvement on the seventh night, and knew we were pulling through. 

Harry’s older brother, Will,  got a taste of mom in MD mode as a vacation at the beach was ending.  In a game of beat-the-clock, my husband and I were trying to get us packed up and checked out when we discovered that young Will had shoved one of my broken earrings up his nose.  Why he chose that moment we’ll never know, but I immediately went into action to avoid an ED visit and still check-out on time.  Will knew I meant business as I came after him with eyebrow tweezers and a headlock.  In retrospect, his cooperation was the key to the success of the earring-ectomy. We pulled away from our beach rental with minutes to spare as I gripped the pearl – a souvenir from the trip that I hadn’t anticipated.

The knack of concierge medicine at home is having second opinions close by.  My husband is an integral part of that equation as are my partners.  Even if I think I know the answer, I lean on this support system to validate my thoughts.  Occasionally I feel silly when I ask for back-up but it’s a small price to pay to do the right thing for my most important patients.


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