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September 21, 2009

Loving Pediatric Medicine – the anti-rant

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Nasal foreign body

Nasal foreign body

Reason Number 21:  foreign bodies

Once I had a patient who had been to several doctors over the period of two weeks.  His mother complained about the odor coming from his green, drippy nose.   Despite medication, the color and smell persisted.   In my office I noted something white in addition to ruby nasal mucosa, and purulent snot.  With a well placed tweezer, I located the white spot and pulled to reveal a sodden wad of foreign body – probably wadded up tissue, but hard to tell after a two week vacation in the nasal passages of a preschooler.  Viola!

Yes, I pick noses for a living – and that activity is personally satisfying.  Identify object.  Locate object.  Pull object out.  Problem solved. 

Not all objects are easily removed.  Play doh melts.  M & Ms melt.  Beads can be a challenge.  Foreign bodies in ears can be difficult, too.  Sometimes, those need to be referred down the street to the ENTs who can suction them out.  (There is a similar hint of glee in my ENT colleagues about foreign bodies.)  Splinters can be difficult.  Glass is a challenge, too. 

Picking pediatric noses is anything but glamorous.  Kids put objects in the darndest places including their nostrils.  However, I would take a whole day of picking noses for the instant gratification it beings me.


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