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September 30, 2009

Loving Pediatric Medicine – the anti-rant

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Reason Number 30:  Spouse Support

The saying goes that it takes a village to raise a child.  A physician also needs the support of a village to do the job of medicine.  Running a pediatric practice is an on-the-job MBA.  Medical school and residency taught me many things, but accounting, marketing,  public relations, employment law, OSHA and CLIA regulations were not part of my curriculum. 

My husband in the yin to my yan, the peas to my carrots, the sunrise to my sunset, and the bass to my soprano.  His education was about all those things I’ve learned through experience.  In his former life, he ran a “village”.  Our strengths compliment each other in the business. So it was natural to ask him to run the operations/management/administrative side of my practice. 

Working together is not a cakewalk.  The division of responsibilities is dynamic.  I’ve stepped on his toes and he’s stepped on mine, and despite our best intentions work comes home with us from time to time.  Our tendency is to take shifts both at home and when the office needs our attention outside of our usual 9-5.  That flexibility enables him to do pick-ups at school, errands for home and office simultaneously, and meet the washing machine repairman.  Sometimes he’ll work after the kids go to bed when all is calm and quiet. 

My spouse is the extrovert of the two of us which is ironic since he spends most of his day at his desk filing insurance claims, keeping me and my partners on track with CME, credentials, and scheduling, and juggling all tasks that happen behind the scenes.  It’s a treat to hear him talking to patients and parents when he’s able.  He’s patient, kind and positive.  He gives our office a flow of happy energy even when we’re giving shots and tending to lots of sick children. 

At the end of the day, I enjoy the debriefing and stories we share.    Even the days when I’m irritated with him, I know he has my back, our vision for the business is similar, and how hard we both work to pull this all off.


October 14, 2008

Man Card

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It is time for the yearly stamping of the Man Card a.k.a Helloween weekend.  This is Husband’s annual beach trip with male counterparts seeking their own Man Card validation.  The rules to this venture are outlined below:


Helloween Rules

1.       Thou must discuss the event nonstop for six weeks prior to date – discussions may take place on social websites, e-mail, text, or with uninterested life partner

2.       Thou may not engage in sexual intercourse with life partner in the month of Feb as it may result in conception that would void Helloween for that year

3.       Thou must boast proudly to spouse regarding ability to pack efficiently

4.       Thou must consume large quantities of food that produce large amounts of flatus during the weekend – ie beer and chili

5.       Thou must not shave during weekend or take care of other hygiene related tasks

6.       Thou must carry evidence of bodily harm home after Helloween weekend – bruises, dark circles under the eyes fulfill criteria, partial liver failure also fulfills criteria

7.       Thou must attempt to make Helloween longer each year than a 3 day weekend

8.       Thou must stay in crappiest location away from all other potential vacation destinations (with spouse)

9.       Thou must maintain wireless contact with the outside world at all times during the weekend

10.   Thou may ignore all forms of wireless contact with the outside world during the weekend

11.   Thou must bring your Man Card to be stamped and verified to all Helloween weekends

12.   Thou must live vicariously through single members of Helloween crew

Spouse Rules

1.  Thou must feel free to call or text Helloween spouse with regular (minute to minute if necessary) updates of children’s progress through the weekend

2. Thou shall purchase new pair of expensive shoes as compensation for spouse-less weekend

3.  Thou shall forget how to record or TiVo requested sporting event – College Football, NASCAR, baseball playoff

4.  Thou shall experience one minor house or car related catastrophe during Helloween weekend

5.  Thou shall not show Helloween spouse sympathy when spouse shows up hung-over, bruised, hungry, or tired

6.  Thou shall deposit responsibility of children on spouse as soon as he walks in the door.

7.  Thou shall plan own girls’weekend week preferably in advance of Helloween weekend and preferably out of the country

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