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October 8, 2009

More favorite toys

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Chalk this up to a weird pediatric sense of humor, but I love these little critters!  A drug rep. brought the E.coli version into the office to promote her UTI drug.

Have seen a few of these in the past 14 days

Have seen a few of these in the past 14 days H1N1 virus particle greatly magnified.

mrsa-tmbcommunity acquired meth resistant S. aureus (MRSA)Super Bug! 

penicillin-tmbPenicillin mold.Have used a little of this to treat Strep throat.

Wash your hands!

so you don’t get

This... the common cold (Rhinovirus)
This… the common cold (Rhinovirus)

Or this.... Seasonal flu virus - Orthomyxovirus
Or this…. Seasonal flu virus – Orthomyxovirus


September 10, 2009

Loving Pediatric Medicine – the anti-rant

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Reason Number 10:  Toys.  I am a sucker for a good toy.  Playthings for my office are a different category than what my own children utilize at home.  My definition of good office toys:  1)  Must be safe for all ages to play with – no small parts to choke on, no lead paint, easy to clean 2) Play with “good” toys should be a relatively quiet activity – have found out the hard way that certain items when dropped on linoleum register in the 150 decibel range 3)  Are hardy and can withstand the wear and tear from multiple hands and mouths 4) Are economically feasible to replace regularly 5) Might have some covert educational value such as honing small motor skills

Some toy successes:

Books – I will save some of my favorites for a future post.  They satisfy criteria 1-5 very nicely.

Cheapo stethoscopes – I superglue all removable parts.  Kids love this, and even the older children will pick them up from time to time

Magna-doodles – clean, creative, fun – rarely hits to 150 decibel level when dropped

Find-It toys – a new favorite. A cylinder of small beads with small themed charms inside.  So far, this game if pretty durable – although I dread the day one of them breaks and spills the myriad of beads

Puzzles – some have longer lifespans than others. Some of my favorites are from Mindware – interesting for older patients but durable for the little ones, too

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